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Our Brand Elements make up our visual and verbal Brand Language. We need a Brand Language to design experiences that communicate who Autodesk is. See the links below to review the Brand Elements areas within this site for full guidelines, and overall dos and don’ts. The pages also include direct links to easily find artwork and image files you may need from the Partner DAM (access required).

Information on the Autodesk messaging, tone and voice, the Autodesk Story, naming, and editorial guidelines resources

Specifications, dos and don’ts. Note that Partners can use “Make anything” as a headline or in copy as part of their marketing, but should NOT use the tag line lockup as a substitute for Partner logos.

Definitions and usage information for our available logo assets, and download links to product logotypes, and lockups, and badges

Full details on our corporate and product colors, along with formulas and downloads to Autodesk’s ASE color library files

Usage details, downloads, and installation tips for Autodesk Artifakt

Details on our brand, product, technical imagery, and patterns, with direct DAM links to each collection

General best practices and direct DAM links to photography for a few specific audiences

Specifications and examples for incorporating the Autodesk Edge into your designs

Details on what smart patterns are, how to use them, and where to find available assets

For questions about Brand Elements, please e-mail