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If you’re looking for answers, you’ve come to the right place. Here you can find links to a few helpful tools, including contact information for key teams to assist you with questions, clarification, and any other guidance regarding correct Brand application.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Autodesk has a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system to manage, distribute, and archive all digital marketing materials from agencies and Autodesk employees worldwide. The DAM consists of completed marketing assets, as well as libraries of images, logos, box shots, and audio for creating new marketing materials. This web-based, searchable database helps streamline distribution and localization processes. It also contains descriptive metadata and critical legal usage terms for each asset.

The DAM is accessible only to Autodesk employees, and our agencies, resellers, distributors, and other select partners.

Employees should log on to the DAM with their Autodesk credentials. Suppliers and agencies may request access by visiting the DAM and clicking "Agencies," then "Create Account." For partner log in procedures, see the Co-branding tab

For questions, email



Artifakt is our proprietary Autodesk typeface. Copyrighted by Autodesk, Artifakt is free for all employees and suppliers for use solely in creating and using Autodesk assets. Artifakt is available for download only via our corporate DAM system with your approved account. There are 2 collections available for download, see direct links and full usage guidelines here.

Autodesk corporate logos

Confident, timeless, distinctive, and memorable, the Autodesk logo unifies our company and product portfolio and distinguishes us from our competitors. For detailed information about logo usage and downloads, please visit the Autodesk logo section.

Autodesk corporate showreel

View our 2019 corporate showreel or download it on our corporate DAM system (access required).

Autodesk Brand templates

For dozens of pre-branded Autodesk templates, visit the Brand Templates section on our corporate DAM system (access required). Popular downloads include our corporate PowerPoint template, email signature, and various marketing templates with full type specifications.

Content resources

Content Resource Center

The Content Resource Center (access required) is a destination for content guidance for everything from owned media (Redshift) to customer stories to SLAP (Speak Like a Person).

Editorial Style Guide

The Autodesk Editorial Style Guide is a single, universal guide to help us speak with one voice across the company. It’s your main resource for all customer-facing content—from marketing campaigns to support articles and learning content.

Learn more about us

  • View or download the Autodesk story as presented by Greg Eden.
  • For a general overview of our role in the future of making things, go to 
  • Check out Beyond the Logo, our Brand Creative Team blog for thought leadership on a wide variety of Brand topics. Internal site, Autodesk login credentials required.
  • From planes to supercars, Oscars to 3D-printed organs, explore our unique and inspiring customer stories on

Contact us

Brand Creative Team
For questions related to our Brand guidelines, usage, imagery creation, naming projects, or even if you have inspiring projects to share, please reach out--we’d love to talk to you. Starting a new campaign? We also provide Brand consults to ensure your project gets off to the right start.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) Team
If you have questions related to DAM accounts, image rights management, asset searching, DAM training, or technical issues contact the DAM Admin Team.