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The Autodesk user experience design system enables teams to effortlessly build best-in-class, rich online experiences. The UX team diligently designs, develops, tests, and iterates on each and every piece of the system to ensure its currency. They also work to anticipate the needs of the Autodesk business and customers, as well as staying up to date on industry trends and innovation.


The UX team approaches every design and every project with certain principles in mind: clarity, efficiency, consistency, and elegance. We maintain a strong focus on the customer and use data-driven decision making in order to strive for experiences that are easy to understand, simple to navigate, clean, and direct. Clear hierarchy in information and tasks are essential.

Customer focus

The customer is our benchmark. It is their activities and needs that drive our work. The synthesis of user needs with business goals is carefully considered and balanced in order to create harmonious designs that drive toward key performance indicators (KPIs).

Responsive UI

All elements are designed to scale seamlessly across any device and provide a positive user experience regardless of screen size or resolution. Layouts, components, and content are intentionally designed to reflow based on the user’s viewport. This makes Autodesk web properties accessible to as many users as possible across the world.


Patterns are the building blocks of Autodesk webpages, enabling designers and developers to work with detailed interface elements that have been thoroughly vetted, tested and optimized. Patterns are essentially ready-to-go. They greatly expedite design work and ensure consistency across projects. All patterns are currently catalogued on a secure site called the Global Site Guidance (GSG).


Assembling the wide-range of patterns available into various combinations can offer a wealth of inspiring layouts and presentation of content and functions. The Autodesk UX, web services, and publishing teams together have created a set of templates for common page types to provide a quick start for partners. These layouts also ensure UX consistency, quality, and compliance with the Autodesk brand and guidelines. All templates are currently catalogued on a secure site called Global Site Guidance (GSG).

For full documentation, please log into GSG (Autodesk ID required).

Should you not have login credentials and would like to know more, please contact an Autodesk team member.

A living system

While the global site guidelines pattern and template library is robust, our team continuously works to grow and iterate on what is currently available. Careful evaluation of our constantly shifting user and business needs drives the evolution of the system.