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The Autodesk brand architecture helps us understand how our family of brand identities and assets relate to one another. It enables customers to recognize us across all of our offerings.

At its heart is the Autodesk master brand, which unifies our many divisions, business units, programs, events, and products. These are linked to each other using a standard visual system.

Identity framework

Product logos

Find out more about our product identity system here.

How to show Autodesk ownership

Use the full product name lock-up (including Autodesk) when space is restricted.

Use the short product name (without Autodesk) when there is space to feature the Autodesk logo. Use the 1-color Autodesk logo in product marketing, not the full color logo.


Use the short product lockup (without Autodesk), with headline, subhead, and the 1-color Autodesk logo.

Use the product icon by itself when the product name is featured in the headline as text. Include 1-color Autodesk logo.


Space allowing, use the short product lockup in combination with the 1-color Autodesk-Make anything lockup.

In an ad with a headline, only use the Autodesk-Make anything lockup when the message doesn't compete with our tag line.


Feature the product icon prominently, and the product name on the reverse side of the shirt. Include the 1-color Autodesk logo on the sleeve.

Incorrect usage.

Don't use a product icon alone, with Autodesk referenced only in headline.

Don't use of the color Autodesk logo in product marketing.


Don't use a product icon alone without the product name in the headline. Also, don't use the color Autodesk logo in product marketing.

Don't have redundant references to Autodesk.


Program logos

These logos identify Autodesk-managed programs and services.

How to show Autodesk ownership

Use the Autodesk-program name lockup by itself.

When featuring the program name in a headline, reinforce it with the the Autodesk-program name lockup.


When featuring the program name by itself, show ownership by combining it with the Autodesk-Make anything lockup.

Similarly, on wearables, feature the program name by itself, and show ownership with the Autodesk-Make anything lockup.


Incorrect usage.

The program name is in the headline, but the program logo is missing.

Don't create a program logo as part of the Autodesk tagline lock-up.

Co-branding logos


This is how Autodesk and strategic partners are branded when co-sponsoring an event or activity.

Partner co-branding

This is how Autodesk-certified partners and value-added resellers (VARs) are branded. The guidelines and resources for logos like these are available on the DAM.

Associated brand logos

The Autodesk Foundation logo is an example of an independent corporate entity requiring strong affiliation with Autodesk.