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A tagline is a short phrase that captures a high-level benefit of a brand. It captures the essence of a company.

"Make anything" is Autodesk’s tagline. It signals the transformation of Autodesk’s business and is our brand in 2 words.


Where and when should we use our tagline? Any time we have an opportunity to make a statement about what Autodesk stands for.

As a lockup at the end of a video

As a lockup in marketing campaigns

As a lockup on event banners

As a lockup on branded merchandise

As a hashtag on social media posts

As a stand-alone headline in marketing campaigns

As part of a sentence in marketing copy

*Think green: Introduce the lockup when creating new materials, or when refreshing old ones.

As a stand-alone headline

When presented as a stand-alone headline, “Make anything” should adopt the following the capitalization rules, and appear with a superscripted TM mark.

Use sentence case (capital M, lower case a) with a period

Don’t use title case

Don’t use upper case

Don’t use lower case

Don’t use italics

Don’t modify the tagline

Don’t translate the tagline

In copy

The line "make anything" can be used in copy, but use it sparingly.

When used in a sentence, apply appropriate spelling rules (e.g. don’t capitalize “M” in the middle of a sentence). Do not use the TM (trademark) in copy.

While the tagline itself should not be localized, when used in copy (as in the example above), it needs to be translated. Keep in mind that, when translated, the line “make anything” will lose its brevity and distinctiveness.

Don’t use “Make anything” in headlines for products. It is our high-level corporate awareness message and should be used only when promoting Autodesk, the company. An effective product headline needs to be more specific to the subject matter.

Tagline lockup

Follow the guidelines below to ensure a consistent look in all brand touchpoints.

Download the full set of Autodesk tagline lockups here (access required)

Stacked Autodesk Logo Tagline lockup

1-Line Autodesk Logo Tagline lockup

Lockup sizes

Each format of the lockup is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. This helps ensure legibility in the more detailed areas of our logo shown below.

Use this chart to determine the lockup size you need. Then look for the corresponding size in the master logo set.

Screen (.png)
Print (.eps)

Screen (.png)

90 px minimum to 179 px wide maximum, @ 72 ppi

Print (.eps)

1.25” minimum to 2.49” wide maximum


Screen (.png)

180 px minimum to 359 px wide maximum, @ 72 ppi

Print (.eps)

2.5” wide minimum to 5” wide maximum


Screen (.png)

Larger than 360 px wide, @ 72 ppi

Print (.eps)

Larger than 5” wide

Screen (.png)
Print (.eps)

Screen (.png)

176 px minimum to 351 px wide maximum, @ 72 ppi

Print (.eps)

2.42” minimum to 4.88” wide maximum


Screen (.png)

354 px minimum to 708 px wide maximum, @ 72 ppi

Print (.eps)

4.89” minimum to 9.78” wide maximum


Screen (.png)

Larger than 708 px wide, @ 72 ppi

Print (.eps)

Larger than 9.78” wide

Lockup clear space

Lockup clear space guidance follows how you would treat the regular Autodesk logo.

Lockup placement

The guidance below is similar to how you should place a stand-alone Autodesk logo. Also, see more examples for how to stage it in the Brand Experiences section of the site.