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The Brand Elements make up our visual and verbal Brand Language. We need a Brand Language to design experiences that communicate who Autodesk is.

Brand Elements form a system of sensory cues (visual, audible, tactile, experiential) that remind customers of Autodesk—however and wherever they encounter us. Applied consistently and persistently, these manifest our Brand Attributes, tell our story, differentiate us, and foster deep emotional connections with customers and partners.

The choices made in developing this system take inspiration from both the technical precision of our tools and the boundless creativity of our customers.

The system is adaptable and easy to understand and implement. It is elegant in its expression accentuating light, color, depth, and tone. It is a convergence of science and art, precision and beauty. More than anything, it is a celebration of what’s possible when people are moved to make anything.

The guidance in this section will help you create a consistent and engaging telling of the Autodesk story.