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At Autodesk, the spaces we create and the materials we use are an important part of who we are. They are a byproduct of thoughtful people choosing specifically and intelligently. They help create unique experiences that reflect a world you want to live in, just like home.

The places we work in

Our environments are an expression of our values. From our Design Gallery and state-of-the-art technology centers in San Francisco, Boston, Toronto, and Birmingham, UK, to our award winning, funky spaces in Tel Aviv and Singapore, our offices and facilities are designed as creative work spaces by local experts with local materials to feel right for those who work there every day. Some of the qualities we want all of our offices to exhibit are sustainability, a sense of openness, creativity, collaboration, local culture, and great design.

Technology Center San Francisco on Pier 9

Montreal office

San Francisco Spear office

Singapore office

Autodesk Technology Center at the Boston BUILD Space

The Gallery

The Park

The places we host in

Events are a unique opportunity to create a lasting impression. It goes much deeper than how we look—it’s about how we make people feel. Our event spaces should surprise and delight, educate, and inspire. They should reflect our point of view on the Future of Making Things and our commitment to sustainable design. Our events should provoke conversation and build community. Because that is what Autodesk, at its core, is all about: supporting and nurturing the global community of creators and innovators. 

Media and Entertainment booth at NAB 2015

Popup Gallery in Tokyo

Popup Gallery in Paris

Brand activation at re:publica